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Jeg tok en dagstur til Trolltjønn som ligger i Nupsfjella på Haukelifjell. Jeg kjørte inn mot Nupshallene og gikk stien mot Haukeliseter til Nupselva og fulgte elva oppover. Etter tre – fire kilometer med sparsommelig med stier kom jeg fram til Trolltjønn som låg inn under tunge skyer.

I went for a day trip to Trolltjønn (Troll lake) in the Nups Mountains in Haukelifjell. I parked my car Close to Nupshallene and walked towards Haukeliseter til I came to the river Nupselva and then followed the river upstream into the Mountains. After two miles+ I came to the lake lying under heavy clouds.





Det er ikke håp om å se fjella bak tåka, knapt trolla synes.

There is no hope of seeing the Mountains behind the fog, even the trolls are barely visible.


Trolla danser på vatnet. The trolls are dancing on the lake.



Tåka ble tykkere og tykkere og til slutt var det ikke mulig å se mer enn ca 25 meter. Det er en helt spesiell følelse å være på et så øde sted uten å kunne se noe. Det var heldigvis enkelt å finne veien ned igjen da det var bare å følge elva ned.

The fog got denser and denser until visibility was down to 25 metres. It’s a very special feeling to be in such a desolate place without being able to see anything. Luckily it was easy to find the way back since it was just to follow the river.


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  1. Beautiful pictures and we would love to do the same walk soon. Thanks for sharing this experience!

    August 4, 2013 at 22:23

  2. Thank you Arie. I Wonder if it will be easyer to walk the path from Ulevå towards Mannevatn and walk trough the valley North of Trollnup. I think I will Next time.

    August 5, 2013 at 14:04

    • I don’t know the area that well, or better… not at all. The pictures are still intriguing. I did found this blog ( http://bjarnesturblogg.blogspot.no/2011/08/nord-om-haukeliseter.html ). But still, I’m not familiar. We only live here for almost a year now in Rauland. Still wondering about and dealing with the hugeness of it’s nature instead of exploring it. It’s a way of adapting to Norway I think :-), from our stressful lives in Nederland. Ha ha. Thanks again for sharing and your remark. Tusen takk!

      August 5, 2013 at 18:27

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